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Professionals in mobile home repairs from Kingman, AZ

Providing comprehensive mobile home and camper repairs throughout Kingman
At Old Trails Mobile Home Transport, we pride ourselves on knowing our product, because we're mobile home drivers just like you. With our mechanical know-how, we offer the best service in Kingman, AZ. We specialize in mobile home repairs you can rely on. We accept cash, checks, money orders, Visa, and Mastercard for our mobile home repairs, transportation, and services.

Mobile home transport

At Old Trails Mobile Home Transport in Kingman, we specialize in helping you move your mobile home to a new location or right back home. No job is too big or too small, and our team can handle moves of almost any distance. Our professional grade moving equipment ensures that your home will be safe on the road, and will arrive looking as good as new. Call us today for efficient service and expert advice on your next move.

Additional services

In addition to mobile home transportation and mobile home repairs, we offer additional services for your convenience. After we move your mobile home, our team can set it up as well, so that it's ready and waiting for you. We can also professionally clean your lot after your mobile home is moved, taking care to clean trash, stains, and more. We provide asbestos and lead testing to ensure the safety of our community. Call us for more information on these, or any other services.

Care and maintenance

Your camper doesn't have to be broken to need mobile home repairs. At Old Trails Mobile Home Transport in Kingman we offer a quick reconditioning service, which is necessary before any big trip. This makes sure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, minimizing the risk of an accident during your vacation. 
We also provide trip supplies and preparation, to make sure you have everything you'll need before you hit the open road.
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